Lottery Games Could Be Legal in India – Get the Complete Details Here

The Supreme Court of India does not accept selling lottery as a fundamental right and has thus permitted the states to formulate their own rules and regulations regarding the same. Many of the states in India banned the popular pastime enjoyed by many to contain the financial breakdown in households that they could see happening in their state. 13 states have continued to let the system run with legal support and use it as a source of revenue as well.

Online Lottery Games

It is common to see gambling and lottery games online, which do not involve real money. It is fun to play, and you can enjoy the thrill of winning without being affected by losing as it is real money involved. There are various such games, including Bingo, Slots and Scratch Cards available in different formats on a large number of platforms.

Online Lottery Games Involving Real Money

The online lottery games, which involve real money, are currently treated the same way as the paper lottery. Just as individual states decide the laws for the paper lottery, the same is applicable for online lotteries. The operators are allowed to carry on online lotteries only in the states where it is legal. But, as the facility is online, the players can be from any part of the country. There is no restriction on the players.

International Lottery Games

If the lottery is being operated outside India i.e. the tickets are sold,and the draw is conducted abroad, the Indian law does not have a say in it. If Indian citizens wish to participate in these lotteries, they are free to do so.

Similarly, there is no restriction on players for participating in online lottery being operated at an international level. The players have access to the international lottery schemes and hence an opportunity to win big.

Lottery Games Could Be Legal in India - Get the Complete Details Here

What Are the Options for Online Lottery Games?

There are various portals, which offer these within India as well as internationally. As mentioned above, the operator should be based in a state that permits lottery to be treated as a legal activity, but the players could be residing in any state. A new International portal, which is soon to launch a website in India, is Lottoland. This is a leading portal for online International lotteries and will give you access to various international lottery games.

How Do Online Portals for Lottery Work?

The basic requirement for a lottery is money. To buy the tickets online, you will need to have an account online, where you can transfer money for the same. Once the money is in the account, you can use it to buy tickets for various lotteries and lottery games on the portal. If you win any prize in the lottery, the money will get deposited in this online account or it can be transferred to your account after verification.

When you play international lotteries, you do not really play the lottery, rather you bet on the results of a lottery, which are being run in the respective countries. The portal gives you an opportunity to participate as an outsider in the lottery and win jackpots.

As discussed above, even though the lottery is not legal in many parts of India, residents can enjoy the game through the online medium. It is not legal to sell lottery tickets or operate online lotteries from a state where it is banned, but you can always have fun by playing lottery wherever you are on the online portals. But, remember to be responsible with your money while you have plenty of fun while playing.

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