3 Signs You Should Quit a Session

Responsible gambling is a key element of gambling in 2022 and beyond. Gambling portals like ours want people to enjoy gambling, have fun and hopefully win too, without falling into problem gambling or mental health issues. Fortunately, there are common signs you should watch for when gambling that can signal its time to stop playing. In this post we will detail three such signs.


The first sign that you’ve been gambling too long at a casino Malaysia, is fatigue or tiredness. You know the feeling when you’ve been gambling for too long as your concentration levels are low and you feel shattered. If you feel tired during a session, it’s probably time to get up and leave as you should be using your time to rest and not risk money gambling.

Numbness regardless of bottom-line

Another sign that you should probably stop is if you feel numb regardless of whether you win or lose. This lack of feeling is cause for concern as it could mean playing far longer than you should. Imagine getting lucky and winning a 36-1 shot at roulette and not even feeling happy or excited? This level of numbness is what problem gamblers feel as they’ve played too long and no longer enjoy gambling.

Eating into other plans

Gambling should be a fun and recreational activity, but never the highest priority. If you find yourself gambling at times when you have other plans and find yourself late or cancelling other plans to gamble, you may have problems. Family and work life should always take priority over a session of gambling so always get up and leave the tables if you find your gambling is eating into other plans.

There you have it, three easily identifiable signs for when its time to quit your gambling session. IF you follow these tips, you will have an effective safeguard against gambling addiction and hopefully enjoy the game more too.

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